Landscape brigades

A psych-dreamscape of the U.S. as a band from San Francisco embarks on a DIY tour across the country, examining the music scene, independent art spaces and gentrifying cities that make up the map for the touring artist in the 2010’s.

Stage: Festival Circuit
Directed and Edited by Vincent Tremblay

ZANA_Promo Still.jpg


ZANA is a dark and haunting psychological drama about the collision of mystical healers and the post-war trauma of survivors in Kosovo. Riddled by night terrors and miscarriages, a Kosovar woman is sent to witch doctors who subject her to unusual rituals and confinement to cure her infertility, but when she again becomes pregnant, her dark wartime past comes back to torment her.

Stage: Post-production
Written and directed by Antoneta Kastrati
Produced by Casey Cooper Johnson (Crossing Bridges Films)


The Girl that Got Away

From the outside, José looks like many other 60-something goateed Mexican-American men in San Francisco. But José (a.k.a. Angel) secretly identifies as female and has since childhood. After learning that two of her sisters have cancer, Angel is forced to face her own mortality and the question she’s avoided all her life: Stay in the closet and remain loyal to her family, religious beliefs, and acting career (playing men) or come out as transgender and live her life authentically?

Stage: Post-production
Directed by Lauren Veen and Ephi Stempler
Edited by Lauren Veen and Vincent Tremblay